Tidewater Striders Scholarship 5K

Fellow PTC Runners & Volunteers, next Tuesday, 27 July, is the Tidewater Striders Scholarship 5K. We have a great relationship with the Striders, including our Hampton Roads Super Grand Prix competition and our PTC-TS-CRR competitions. In an effort to support each club’s Scholarship races please consider registering for the TS Scholarship 5K. I believe through this reciprocal support we’ll see more Tidewater Striders members at our next PTC Joe & Sue Moore Memorial Scholarship 5K. I’m registered for the TS race and hope to see some of you there! https://runsignup.com/Race/VA/VirginiaBeach/TidewaterStridersSummerSeries?rsus=100-200-e65a8ccd-c722-4598-94e7-13a6ce352d12&remMeAttempt=