Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

As 2021 comes to a close I would like to thank our outgoing PTC Board members and welcome the new who were elected at our December 15th General Membership Meeting.

Thanks to outgoing PTC 1st Vice President Christine Schaffner; 2nd Vice President Pam Garrett; and Secretary Helen Worthington.

Thanks also to our other members who make our club such a success: Mike Thomas (Treasurer), Bruce Davis (Newsletter Editor, Race Scorer, and unofficial  Photographer), Steve Amarillo (Membership & Newsletter), Thea Ganoe (Webmaster), Jaime Cox (Volunteer Coordinator), Maria Peters (Social Coordinator & Yorktown Hills Coordinator), Amanda Collier (“Litter-Getter” Adopt-a-Highway Coordinator), Rick Platt (Race Schedule), Scott Bartram (Course Measurement & PTC Trailer), Susanne Mendola (Race Scorer), Steve Kast (Intervals), and Norm Lerner (PTC Trailer).

Welcome to our newly elected board members, 1st Vice President Will Palagyi (2-year term); 2nd Vice President Ron Worthington (1-year term); and Secretary Susan Hagel (2-year term).

PTC cannot thrive without all our dedicated volunteers and members willing to serve on our board, whether in an elected or appointed position. I thank all of our volunteers, whether coming out to work a finishline at a race, hosting or participating in an “On Your Mark” newsletter stuffing, or picking up trash at our Litter-Getter. You all make an impact and are very important to PTC’s success.

I wish you all a Happy Holidays and prosperous New Year! I hope to see you at our New Year’s Day 5K at Newport News Park on January 1st, 2022. Save the date for the PTC Annual Awards Banquet on January 15th!

Steve Peters

PTC President